Yoga for the body, every body.
Yoga for the gypsy soul.
Yoga for the senses.
Yoga for the sexual and sensual.
Sultry music, intricate sequencing, sensual placement, powerful breath, conscious awareness, seductive movement, intoxicating expansion.
Provocative Power Yoga invites the practitioner into a deeper way of being, on and off the mat. The flow is accessible to all levels of students, guiding the beginner and challenging the advanced, the rhythm of the music guides the flow of breath and movement, igniting inner empowerment and simultaneously encouraging suppleness . Opening the hips to allow access to emotional freedom of expression and opening the heart as to live in gratitude for the body. Provocative Power Yoga establishes foundational strength and flexibility, as well as heightening the capacity for mental focus. Provocative Power Flow offers the sacred space to connect deeper with the Self, the space to detox and cleanse through a rigorous physical practice, and the space to become vulnerable and open, mentally and emotionally.
Provocative Power Yoga is a profound experience, whether in a class or in the privacy of your own space, offering classes throughout the week as well as private yoga and  personal training experiences.