“Erika is an amazing trainer! She cares about the results of her clients, and goes the extra mile to help them accomplish their goals. She is super knowledgeable and always on top of her game when training – she really pushes her clients to work hard.  With Erika’s help I was able to lose the fat, gain nice muscle tone, and get really strong! And her own workout discipline is so inspiring. If I had not moved back to NYC, I would definitely be working out with her! With Erika’s help I have truly become a better person. I Miss her”.

Wallye Holloway 2017


“When I first met Erika, I had just set out to attempt my first ever sprint triathlon. Up to that point, I had been exercising on my own and lost over 100 lbs. I still needed lots of training and only 8 weeks until the race. What Erika then did for me was above and beyond what I could have done on my own.

We began training; building powerful muscles and developing balance and stability. She even helped with nutrition planning and recovery tips. I completed my first sprint triathlon but felt my result was lackluster. For a first timer, this was normal.

The next day I quickly signed up for another sprint triathlon for that summer. Once we began training for that, Erika amazed me yet again. The training sessions became much more intense. She provided solid motivation to keep up my mental strength. We built lots of explosive muscle and incredible cardio stamina. I finished the 2nd triathlon in the top 50% overall. It felt amazing. The training also translated well in my other hobby, soccer. The results were very real”.

Nima mohtashami 2017


“I think the world of Erika. We have become dear friends over the years of training together. Erika helped me stay focused on my health and fitness while working on my doctorate and dealing with a lot of life stress. Not only did Erika get me in better shape, but also let my beautiful dog Sam workout with us.  In between telling me to do ten more reps, she was throwing the ball for Sam to fetch. We even took one of our workouts to the beach, swimming laps while Sam had a swim lesson. 

During our sessions my goals were to lose weight, gain muscle tone and strength, as well as flexibility to improve my salsa dancing. We did a lot of body weight work and she also managed to get me very winded in her unique circuits. I use to tell her the workouts were like choreography, so creative and fluid. When we weren’t focus on strength and conditioning, she also gave me private yoga lessons that I loved. My mind was much more focused and relaxed afterwards, and I slept a lot better. 

One of the biggest blessings was her nutritional help. I am a vegan and she was able to accommodate my particular preferences and teach me about micro and macro nutrients. I am much more in tune with my body and my nutritional needs, I feel better in my clothes, and my dancing has excelled. I am so grateful for all of Erika’s support and knowledge. Erika is much more than just a trainer. I treasure our friendship and the fun we have together through health and fitness activities”. 

Dr. Elena Pezzini 2017